COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–Thousands of meals went out the door Thursday thanks to volunteers who gave their morning to help LifeCare Alliance with its Meals on Wheels program.

For one couple, it’s a special tradition with great meaning to them. This day is all about volunteering for Mark and Betty Weedy. It’s in honor of Betty’s parents, Bernard and Helen Herman after tragedy struck in 2008.

Mark and Betty Weedy spend their holiday sparking joy in others. Delivering meal after meal to seniors across the city.

“We enjoy that look on their face — some of them don’t know we’re doing it today so it’s always nice to see,” said Mark.

The pair endured the rain to bring a warm meal and greeting to everyone they meet.

Mark said this is to honor his wife’s parents.

“Her parents were killed in a car accident in August of 2008, and we were supposed to go there for Thanksgiving. So we decided to volunteer to honor their memory, ” he said.

“I’m so blessed. And may God bless you all,” said one of the clients.

Their mission, to bring a smile to everyone they greet this Thanksgiving

The Weedy’s said they’ll have their Thanksgiving meal on Friday, and they will think fondly today about those they love.

“I think they would be proud — yes they would be proud,” said Betty. She added, “And also I’m thankful for Mark’s health because he had such a rough spring and into the summer. He was in the hospital for 98 days.”

Betty and Mark had about 16 stops to make throughout the morning. They took one of the 120 routes the LifeCare Alliance had for the day.

In total with all the volunteers, about 4 thousand meals went out for the holiday.

LifeCare Alliance still needs more help when it comes to this weekend’s deliveries but also the entire holiday season.

They’ve taken on more clients since the beginning of the pandemic so the call out for volunteers is always there.

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