COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–The new “Vax to School” incentive targets young people in Ohio. This is similar to Ohio’s initial vaccine incentive “Vax-A-Million,” from earlier this summer.

Get the jab and you get a chance to win and this time the focus is education and youth.

There are 55 chances for scholarships. That’s Governor DeWine’s newest vaccine incentive.

“It’s helping people get an education it’s helping pay for education so why not,” said Madison Clarke.

She approves of the incentive which is open to vaccinated Ohioans ages 12 to 25.

Some people who did not want to be quoted said they believe people not getting the vaccine have already made their decision.

Ohio State University students are required to get the vaccine. Jordan Miller who’s a junior said it’s crucial.

“We need to ensure that all of our universities are safe for students to attend and that we are in a place now where we can have larger classroom sizes and welcome everybody back at full capacity.”

The scholarships can be used for any type of education. They break down into five $100,000 and 50 $10,000 scholarships.

The question though, will this work?

“Honestly, I think the true proof is in the results and that’s the only way you’re going to tell,” said Parker Goodson. He approves of trying to find ways to get people vaccinated.

Miller said, “I think that it’ll be a win, win situation for students definitely.”

The governor’s office said scholarship money will come from existing pandemic relief funds.

“I think if it helps people get vaccinated and motivates them then I’m like I don’t care where the money comes from, I’ll donate,” said Clarke.

The governor said there will be more information coming out in the coming days.

The first announcement for a scholarship winner is coming up quickly. Prizes will be announced starting the week of October 11th.