COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A Columbus childcare center is without its buses after at least three people vandalized them.

Indigo Children’s Center usually parks its three buses behind the building. On Thursday, employees watched as they were towed away, damaged by vandals in December.

“I don’t even know. I don’t know what was going through their minds,” said Wayne Dixson, an employee at Indigo Children’s Center.

Three people appearing to be in their early teens were caught on surveillance cameras spray-painting the buses. One of them also sprayed a fire extinguisher, which was later used to break a window on one of the buses.

Dixson said the center uses those buses to take kids to activities around the city.

“We have quite a few kids that go on these field trips or events — that’s done. We had a list of places we were supposed to be taking them, but not now,” he said.

The vandals struck twice in a 24-hour period in early December, Dixson said. Columbus police estimated they caused at least $6,000 in damage. The center on East Livingston Avenue is still open, but Dixson is not sure when the buses will be fixed or replaced. Indigo Child Care center has started a fundraiser to help cover costs related to the damage.

Dixson urged those responsible for the vandalism to turn themselves in.

“Stop doing stupid stuff, really was not worth it to come out here and destroy the buses,” he said. “Buses did nothing to nobody except take the kids where they needed to go, either to school or some kind of event, so we don’t do any of that now.”

It’s been about two months since the damage was done and the vandals have not been caught. The center urges anyone with information is asked to call Columbus police.