COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Everyday United States Marshals are out in the community working to arrest wanted felons.

NBC4 had the opportunity to join them on another warrant watch mission.

The U.S. Marshals spend weeks, months and even years gathering intelligence about where criminals are located.

They say some tips can lead to an arrest, while others can just be dead ends.

“It’s a process. We start identifying that we have an active arrest warrants, making sure that we do the complete workup on them, making sure it’s all, you know, clear in the court. And then we start watching and then we grab a team and do it as safely as possible. Brief up prior and then we execute the arrest warrant,” said Charles Sanso, Supervisor Deputy US Marshals Service

Thursday morning’s mission started in the Mount Vernon area. The marshals say the earlier the mission the better because they are able to use the element of surprise.

They are hoping to find two murder suspects. They believe they are hiding out in this wooded area. The marshals knock on the doors, and a woman lets them in. The marshals believe there is some sort of relationship between the owners of this home and the two suspects.

After about 30 minutes, they find nothing and say they believe the suspects have already left.

The second stop is in west Columbus on Adelbert Drive. The suspect is wanted for violating parole on a narcotics crime.

The marshals strategically station themselves around the neighborhood, and when they see the suspect’s car drive by the spring into action. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

This is the kind of work U.S. Marshals do every day.

“Pretty much every day our main focus is basically to go out and try to find folks with arrest warrants, state, local and federal. Every day of the week, sometimes on weekends, and make the community safer,” Sanso said.

As this team of marshals completed their mission, there were also teams doing the same in Dayton, Cincinnati and southeast Ohio.

The Southern Ohio fugitive apprehension strike team is made up of multiple jurisdictions including US Marshals, Ohio State Highway Patrol and local police departments.