COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Two west Columbus houses that have frequent visits from police due to drug-related crimes were served preliminary injunctions by the city attorney’s office.

The office of Zach Klein, the Columbus city attorney, stated Wednesday that a known drug house at 351 Dakota Avenue in the neighborhood of Franklinton has been boarded up and shut down.

Police were called to this house often in 2022 for drug complaints, and reports of robberies and shootings. In August 2022, three men were shot while inside the house when another group of men fired into the house as many as 60 times.

The city attorney’s office says Columbus police also made controlled purchases of narcotics from the house. Among the drugs that police made controlled purchases of include crack cocaine and heroin along with finding pills, gun ammunition, and cash when conducting a search warrant of the house in August 2022.

Another known drug house located at 25 South Sylvan Avenue in Westgate area of the Hilltop neighborhood has a preliminary injunction from the city attorney’s office. CPD have also made controlled drug purchases from this house, including buying fentanyl in February.

The property owner of the South Sylvan Ave. house made an agreement with Klein’s office to remove occupants from the premises and only allow temporary access to the owners in preparation to sell the property.