COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Susan G. Komen Columbus Race for the Cure is happening Saturday and people across central Ohio are already getting ready for the big day.

On Mother’s Day, mom, wife and breast cancer survivor Dene Sanfillipo shared her experience with NBC4 to raise awareness for the race coming up in a few days. Sanfillipo was diagnosed in November of 2018 and dealt with the disease a second time two years ago.

“After you have a recurrence, your mind changes a little bit. It becomes a little more real so you are always wondering in the back of your mind if it’s going to come back,” says Sanfillipo. “Of course I tell my mind that it’s not going to.”

On this Mother’s Day Sanfillipo says she is happy and healthy. Right now her mind is focused on ending breast cancer so her three daughters never have to go through the same thing. “It’s hard to hear the word yourself and it’s harder to tell your children, your husband and family that you have it,” says Sanfillipo. “And it’s the hardest when you have three girls and you are told you have breast cancer.”

Before, during and after her cancer fight, Sanfillipo has made sure to attend the annual Race for the Cure here in Columbus. She is just one of the thousands who show up year after year. “One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime in the United States,” says Alyssa Petrella, the executive director for Central Ohio Susan G. Komen. “It is a disease that affects so many of us. It permeates really everything so I think that’s why Columbus really comes together to support this event.”

The race took on a new meaning for Sanfillipo after her diagnosis. She says seeing other survivors at the race each year gives her hope. “I like when we go on the steps as survivors. I do like seeing them with the 5-year, 10-year, 30-year survivor because for me that helps realize that I can have and should have another 30 years,” says Sanfillipo.

The annual Columbus Race for the Cure is set to take place Saturday morning.