COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – President Joe Biden is asking Congress to consider lifting the federal gas tax this summer in hopes of providing some relief for drivers.

As the price of gas continues to climb, some truck drivers said the federal gas tax holiday wouldn’t do much to help them.

According to the White House, if Congress were to suspend the gas tax, it would save 18 cents per gallon on gas and 24 cents per gallon on diesel.

Truck drivers said that wouldn’t make much of a difference because prices are already too high, and many of them are being forced to reduce loads, driving times, and other measures in order to keep their fuel costs down.

“It’s killing me, man, it’s killing me,” said driver Edward Remsey. “Sometimes, I don’t even want to drive. I’ve actually limited my loads per week.”

“They have to park the trucks, and if you just go back to this yard right now, and just go around and see some truck parking, you will see nobody’s there,” said Mohamed Yusef, a truck fleet owner with Flying Eagles LLC. “It’s unattended because drivers have actually parked and left it.”

Biden is also calling on state and local governments to provide relief by halting their state gas taxes.

As of Wednesday in central Ohio, gas is a little less than $5 a gallon for regular, while diesel is above $6 a gallon.