COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Independence Day weekend is wrapping up, with many returning home from an extended weekend away, even with travel issues like high gas prices and potential flight delays across the country.

For the most part, though, some travelers said those issues didn’t affect them Monday, saying its been smooth sailing through the afternoon.

“Orlando airport was madness,” said Sharon Condron, a Cincinnati resident who flew into John Glenn International Airport, which Condron called “a welcomed sight.”

The airport faced very few hiccups despite a busy day of travel. Condron says Orlando was a different story.

“The line for Southwest was about an hour long just to check bags, even though we were already pre-checked, so we were in that line just send our checked bags,” she said.

Matthew Spencer from Harrisburg, PA, said for him, his flight was pleasant.

“Everything worked out — maybe a two-minute or three-minute delay, but the pilot made it up in the air, so it was a great flight,” he said.

On Ohio’s highways, Gordon Hoover of Brecksville said he chose to stay in Ohio for the holiday.

“We wanted to just drive because the stories coming out of the airports are a little daunting and we didn’t want to get involved in that,” Hoover said, adding that the traffic he experienced Monday was typical. “Actually, the driving has been fine — until we got to Columbus, and then as we got around Columbus, it’s gotten pretty heavy.”

Condron said overall, her trip was pretty good and is thankful she was able to get direct flights for the entire family.

“So, we came to Columbus just so we can fly a direct flight, so we’ll drive the hour and a half back to Cincinnati,” she said.

Ohio State Highway Patrol has been monitoring the roads and said from Friday through Sunday, Ohio saw 11 fatal crashes, which resulted in 11 deaths.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Brice Nihiser is urging people to keep safety in mind if they have plans Monday night.

“Designating that sober driver before you even go to the party, before you go see, maybe, some last-minute fireworks or something like that,” Nihiser said. “Wear that seatbelt and again, with the fireworks and everything going on, look out for pedestrians as well.”

OSHP says that it will release statistics from this weekend in the coming days.

Nihiser said that in 2021, there were 21 crashes and 23 killed on Ohio’s roadways during the Fourth of July weekend.