COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Columbus Division of Fire (CFD) has dealt with a couple of close call situations in less than a week’s time, and a battalion chief said all involved are okay in part due to training.

“The unknowns are every house is a little different, you’re walking into it with zero visibility,” Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Jeffrey Geitter said.

Between the two incidents, there were four CFD members in need of help.

“Obviously everyone that does this job cares about the community, that is our primary focus,” Geitter said. “But when our teammates, when we hear they’re down, that’s just another extra little level of we’ve really got to figure out what’s going on here.”

The first happened last Friday as CFD members were helping with a house fire in Franklin Township on Harding Drive. Geitter said two firefighters were stuck in the basement and running out of oxygen. Others helped get them out.

“We do train on the rescue and mayday effort of our own extensively,” Geitter said.

The other incident happened Wednesday morning. While putting out flames at a condo near Blacklick, two firefighters put out mayday calls.

“The stairwell and or some of the ceiling collapsed onto some of the members fighting the fire inside,” Geitter said.

They were able to get themselves out, according to Geitter. CFD has a container at the training academy which is used to practice rescuing other firefighters in all kinds of scenarios.

“The training definitely was proven to be excellent. There is a little luck involved obviously because there’s so many variables,” Geitter said. “However, you position yourself to be lucky by being prepared and going through all the training we do on a routine basis.”