COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – An east side food truck known for its “TikTok famous” traditional West African dishes is expanding its reach in central Ohio.

Fork in Nigeria, located at 6300 E. Livingston Ave. in Reynoldsburg, will unveil its first brick-and-mortar location in the Historic Trolley District’s East Market in March, according to Aubrey Stevens, the market’s director of operations and leasing.

Though its menu features wide-ranging cuisine native to Nigeria – a country that boasts more than 250 ethnic groups – Stevens said the restaurant’s famous fufu has made several appearances in TikTok videos. A doughy side dish, fufu is made by boiling starchy root vegetables like cassava and mashing them into a ball of dough.

Fork in Nigeria also serves fried plantains, egusi soup and puff puff, a traditional African snack made of fried dough. Its menu features a variety of meats, like goat shank, suya steak and fried oxtail meat, according to its website. Vegan offerings include edikaikong vegetable soup, akara balls (bean cakes), jollof rice and more.

In addition to Fork in Nigeria’s east side food truck and soon-to-be pop-up location at the East Market, the West African restaurant also has locations in Detroit, Michigan, according to its website.

Fork in Nigeria will replace delicatessen Buck City Sammies’ stall in East Market, located at 212 Kelton Ave., when the sandwich shop returns to operating its food truck in the warmer months, Stevens said.