COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus City Schools superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon announced Thursday afternoon she would retire from the district. Days after the announcement, questions on the future of CCS and the circumstances surrounding Dixon’s departure were raised.

In an interview with NBC4’s Colleen Marshall, CCS board president Jennifer Adair discussed Dixon’s decision to retire and when asked if the board pressured her to leave, she was adamant that did not occur.

“There was no pressure from the board,” said Adair. “This was a mutually agreed upon thing. And ultimately, it was her decision to go into retirement.”

Dixon, 53, plans to retire at the end of the school year, in early June 2023. It will come after four years in charge of the district — she signed a three-year contract in February of this year, in which she would earn a $262,000 salary per year. She first took the helm in March 2019. 

Watch the full, uncut interview between Marshall and Adair below:

“The last four years — especially the last two years, three years — have been so tough, and I just came to the conclusion, I said: ‘You know Talisa, you have enough time, it’s time to think about some other opportunities,’” Dixon said in an interview with Marshall last week. 

“We are, you know, excited that she has this opportunity to retire and really focus on herself,” Adair said. “We know she has dedicated a lot to our communities and students. She’s just ready to think about what’s next for her.”

Less than a year into her recently-inked contract, Adair stated both Dixon and the school district face “financial implications” after the mutual agreement. Adair said specific information on that agreement will not go public until it is discussed in the board’s next meeting.

Adair and the board will now focus on finding a replacement for Dixon while Angela Chapman, the district’s current Chief of Transformation and Leadership, will take over as interim superintendent beginning Jan. 1 of the new year.

“We will start the process in January,” Adair said. “Our hope is to have a new superintendent named by the beginning of next school year but it is critical that we have the right person.”