COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Before the pandemic, singles had their priorities: No long-distance relationships, no poor communicators, bad smells — and definitely no racists.

Today, being unvaccinated is the big dealbreaker. According to a survey by, 86% of singles said being unvaccinated would kill the relationship.

Singles also hate people who are late to the date.

Three-quarters of dates wouldn’t wait beyond half an hour. A quarter would leave after 15 minutes of tardiness, and one in ten heads for the exit after five minutes.

Back in 2020, politics was a huge priority. Nearly three-quarters of people surveyed said they couldn’t date someone with different political views. They also hated bad pick-up lines, living with your parents, smoking, and racism.

2019 seemed like simpler times, even for singles. No profile picture? No date. Long-distance relationships were out, as well as people who don’t communicate, don’t wash, and sexism.

But they could handle unemployment — only 20 percent said not having a job meant they wouldn’t go out with you, the survey results showed.