COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Almost everywhere you go, you can see empty supermarket shelves due to the supply chain issue. Now, some local food pantries are also feeling the hit, but in a different way.

Food shelters like Broad Street Food Pantry are getting enough supplies to continue feeding families struggling, but they’re having a hard time handing out healthy options.

“It’s really kind of stressful,” says Kathy Kelly-Long, director of Broad Street Food Pantry.

Kelly-Long said the limited food options and the price tags to go with them is why she has seen an increase in people coming through her doors asking for assistance.

“Today, we served 45 families,” Kelly-Long said. “That’s a little bit on the high side.”

The pantry has gone from serving an average of 35 families a day, to a 15 percent increase just in the last week.  

“We know the families come to us because they really need food, so, when we can’t provide them the staples that they need, it doesn’t feel like we’re doing the job the way we want to,” Kelly-Long said.

Foods like vegetables have dwindled to one or two choices. Bread donations have also decreased, a problem the shelter rarely experiences.

A spokesperson for Mid-Ohio Food Bank, the shelter’s main provider, said there aren’t limited options, they are just running slow because the pandemic has delayed shipments everywhere.

For now, they ask for people’s patience as they work to meet the demand.