COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Jacob Munneke and Jennifer Corbett are neuroscientists in London, England. Their son, Lex, has an ultra-rare neuromuscular disease that can only be treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

Now, they need money for an angel flight to get him here and the clock is ticking.

“We’re really, really getting so close,” said Jennifer Corbett. “We’re so close. It’s right there.”

Right there is several thousand dollars away.

“We’re about $18,000-$20,000 short of proving on paper that we can sustain Lex’s care for two months before Medicaid and Medicare can take over,” Jennifer said.

Four-year-old Lex suffers from Smard1, a disease so rare that only 60 cases have ever been diagnosed. Doctors in London don’t know how to care for him and urged his parents to remove life support before the age of 2.

“Diaphragm is paralyzed so he cannot breathe on his own so he cannot communicate to tell us there’s a problem,” Jacob Munneke said.

Both Jennifer and Jacob have signed contracts to teach at The Ohio State University in August and have an apartment to establish residency.

They just need to prove they have the extra $80,000 to care for Lex before their jobs’ Medicare insurance starts in two months, and the angel flight will take off from London, destined for Columbus.

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