COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Snow removal services across Columbus are hoping this week’s forecast brings them some business, with some businesses saying they’ll need to see at least 18 to 20 inches of snow this year in order to break even.

“So far this year, it’s not exactly going to set a record, unless it’s on the end that we don’t want,” said Eric Governor, owner of Ice Eaters Snow Removal.

Last year, Governor said the business had a pretty good winter, with a little more than 28 inches of snow.

But this season, they’ve only been out once, and it was just to lay down salt. Even that, Governor said, didn’t make a dent in their supply.

“We have probably over a quarter-million pounds of stock right now, I was thinking that might not be enough for this winter, but since we didn’t get much in December, I think we probably have enough to satisfy all our current contracts for the rest of the season,” he said.

That’s why right now, Governor said the best thing they can do is stay prepared.

In fact, they have a fleet of 12 trucks, all gassed up and ready to go throughout Franklin County.

However, the cost to maintain all that equipment adds up, and Governor said any less than 15 inches this year would put the company at a loss. This is why he hopes this week’s snow forecast is just the start of more to come.

“It’ll definitely help, it’s not going to get us to break even just yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to whatever we see,” Governor said.