Columbus and Central Ohio Weather

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The windy start to spring has been keeping roofing companies busy. A couple of weeks ago there were strong winds in central Ohio. Similar weather hit about a week later. Wednesday’s wind and rain is the most recent example of potentially damaging weather.

“It’s kind of a deja vu of a deja vu because it seems like when this happens it seems to be repetitive,” said Tony West, owner of Roof Medic.

His crew was out Wednesday morning completing a weather-related job before the wind and rain moved in. He said the homeowner first noticed damage shortly after the wind a couple weeks back. His company and others in the area have been getting more calls than usual for the start of spring.

“Phone seems to never stop right now,” he said. “Right now it’s shingles, I think we had some 60mph gusts at some points so they’re getting under those shingles and ripping them off. Sometimes there’s hidden damage. Walking around on a roof you might find a section of roof that’s just flapping in the wind.”

The phone lines at Newman Roofing have been busy as well.

“It’s been crazy to put it in short words, really when that first storm hit, everybody was calling, there was a lot of damage,” said Alyssa Newman, office and marketing manager at Newman Roofing. “It is record-breaking compared to the history of Newman Roofing.”

After a storm hits, both companies recommend walking around your house to look for shingles that might have blown off.

“Visually it’s pretty noticeable if you have damage, shingles will be flipped up, gutters may be hanging off,” said Alex Boyer, production manager at Newman Roofing. “Of course, if you don’t notice it right away the first rain you probably will notice it, you’re going to have some water intrusion and at that point, you probably want to contact somebody and get it taken care of.”

They also recommend neighbors look at each other’s roofs. One might notice something the other does not.