COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The second of two men facing murder charges for the fatal assault of a man outside a Short North bar is in custody.

Chrystian Foster, 32, was arrested Tuesday morning, according to court records. Foster, who turned himself in, is being held in Franklin County Correction Center I.

Foster and 28-year-old Dwayne Cummings face murder charges after they were allegedly caught on tape assaulting Gregory Coleman Jr. on Sept. 5 outside of Julep Bar on North High Street. The video was released by Columbus police in an attempt to locate the two. Coleman, 37, died 12 days after.

Coleman’s family said they feel thankful as Wednesday will mark one month since the assault.

“There is no justice that could ever get our brother back, but we are thankful to see some things that are going to start happening, that they deserve to happen,” said Glenay Coleman, Gregory Coleman Jr.’s sister.

Amanda Kusek, Coleman’s other sister, said it made her realize how lucky her family was to have had the community’s support.

“We realize that now a lot of families don’t even have this opportunity they go through these horrible things and we are so lucky that we were able to identify them so quickly,” Kusek said.

The sisters said this last month has been a nightmare for the whole family.

From first seeing the graphic video on social media to sitting by their brother’s side in the hospital to planning a funeral, they compared this past month to a punishment the whole family had to endure.

“To watch someone you love on a ventilator and just literally laying there so helpless and getting their results from their brain just being beaten to death I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” Glenay Coleman said.

Kusek used the word “horrible” to describe how her family has been feeling.

Coleman Jr. does have a 10-year-old daughter. His sisters say they have been surrounding her with as much love as they can.

The sisters say they miss their brother every second of every day. They miss his generosity, his smile, and his laugh.

But through it all, they were touched by how many people came together to help find the suspects and support their family. They say they are grateful for those who saw the difference between good and bad and recognized the cruelty of this act.

They ask the community to continue this support as their fight is not over.

“We just ask everyone to please just stay involved in what’s going on and we ask everyone to continue to follow what’s going on and continue to rally because we are only halfway there right,” Glenay Coleman said.

They say they plan to be at every arraignment or hearing for the two men charged with their brother’s murder.

Cummings was arrested nearly two weeks ago, on Sept. 21, and his bond was set at $1 million in court the next day.

Foster is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday morning.