COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – An agreement to improve conditions has been reached between the city and the owners of a crime-ridden apartment complex in the South Franklinton neighborhood.

City Attorney Zach Klein announced the agreement Thursday with the owners of Southpark Apartments to improve safety, increase security and maintain sanitary living conditions. This occurred just days after his office reached an agreement for the sale Latitude Five25 Apartments due to unsafe and unsanitary living conditions that led to a Christmas day evacuation of that property.

“This agreement means better living conditions for residents, safer places for kids to play, and greater security for neighbors and families,” Klein said in a news release.

Klein’s office filed a lawsuit in August, declaring Southpark Apartment a nuisance. The 356-unit complex has received over 800 calls for police assistance and over 200 documented code violations in recent years.

The upgrades include property owner Southpark Preservation Limited Partnership installing 12 additional security cameras, making repairs to nine existing cameras, enabling remote camera access for Columbus police, and installing at least three license plate readers at entry points.

As well, management will add lighting in areas, require key access between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. and conduct security evaluations annually.

Property owners are also tasked with maintaining up-to-date tenant rolls, preventing loitering and denying access to individuals not permitted on site, including those evicted for criminal activity.

Several other cosmetic improvements were also agreed upon, including the installation of new flooring for specific units, complying with outstanding building orders, maintaining pest control services, waste and trash removal, and lawn and ground maintenance.