COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Excitement is brewing in the city of Columbus for the annual OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon.

The gathering will feature over 10,000 runners and walkers participating in the long-distance event.

“I’ve ran this race at least five six times, and I love the Cap City Marathon,” said Kerrie Rubadue, a runner from Columbus.

For experienced runners like Rubadue, it’s a welcome return to normal after the pandemic forced the event to limit attendance the past two years.

Meanwhile, others like Eric Bruzda said this will be a whole new experience for him.

“This is my first time for the Cap City Half Marathon. I’ve signed up for it two years ago, so I’ve been waiting for a while to get back here and actually run it the first time,” said Bruzda.

The half marathon is partnered with OhioHealth and has been taking place in Columbus since 2004.

And race director David Babner said they’re eager to have it back in person.

“We could’ve never imagined it was going to turn into what it’s turned into in nineteen years. So next year, we’ll celebrate the 20th, but we’ll get there when we get there. We’ve got 10,000 people to celebrate in the Columbus Commons tomorrow morning,” said Babner.

Local business owners downtown said this event couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The more we’re able to sit at our patio, the better we do,” said Ryan Erbe, a manager at Condado Tacos.

Erbe said they’ll have a full staff and an open patio for tomorrow’s race, adding that the return of in-person events is boosting sales and bringing back business.

“What we’re really hoping for is when it’s all said and done, and everything’s starting to get unpacked, that we really get that rush from there,” said Erbe.

COTA is also reminding passengers to expect major delays throughout the city, up until the afternoon.