COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A boy who loves recycling got a surprise visit from Rumpke when they heard about his fascination with their trucks.

Julie Bennett, Blake’s mom, wrote into NBC4 about her son’s hobby. NBC4’s Cynthia Rosi tipped off Rumpke so the little guy could take a truck tour. They showed up on Wednesday afternoon with a goodie bag of gifts.

Blake’s fascination with trucks, and the Rumpke trucks in particular, began when he was still in his Mom’s arms. His grandma even made him a yellow vest that reads “Rumpke” for his Halloween costume.

“He knows a lot more about trucks than I do just from watching them,” said Bennett. “It’s really funny ’cause he always talks about what trucks they are and when we’re driving down the street he’ll say — ‘Rumpke truck! It’s a back loader’ or ‘it’s a side loader.'”

Blake keeps his neighborhood clean and makes sure his parents recycle.

“He sorts it and puts the recycles in our recycling bin, and the trash in the trash,” said Bennett.

Now, this budding environmentalist has a hat to match his passion, a coffee mug, plus a Rumpke duffle bag — even the offer of a job when he turns 19.