COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – It was nearly one year ago when 4-year-old Catherine Rodriguez was trick or treating in northeast Columbus when she was hit and killed by a pickup truck while crossing the street.

Now, some residents said they’ve seen just how dangerous traffic in the area where the accident happened — Valley Park Drive and Westerville Road — can be.

“They have to try to do something because when you come in that middle lane to turn into here, it’s very dangerous,”23-year resident David Dodaro said. “I call it a death street because dogs have been killed on that street, you know, kids, too.”

Others said they try to avoid the area.

“They put up a light here for crossing,” resident Kyle Hunt said. “Most people don’t stop even when the lights are flashing, so it’s a pretty dangerous intersection I don’t cross ever.”

The Columbus Department of Public Service said it is working to make further changes. Next year, the city will be “refreshing” the crosswalk at the intersection and narrowing the lanes in an effort to slow traffic.

Some people feel more needs to be done.

“I would like to see a light put in because, even in the morning, anytime during rush hour traffic, it takes a while to get out of here,” Hunt said.

The city said it wants to remind all drivers to use caution and come to a complete stop when they see flashing lights or people crossing the street.

Ahead of Halloween next week, when many children will be outside, the city advises drivers to pay close attention to the road.