COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Over the past two years, we have highlighted some incredible women in our monthly “Mom Boss” segments. Two of our featured entrepreneurs, Regan Walsh and Nicci Hicks, have another shared title: they are both “Renegades”.  

Members of a group of like-minded women coming together to support one another, share their networks and grow professionally. Recently, “Renegades” from all over the country descended on Columbus for a conference and these women are impressive. 

“We have an executive from a Fortune 50 company. We have a colonel in the Army. We have retail executives, mental health experts, founders with exciting start-ups that are focused on using artificial intelligence to help people live better lives,” said Regan Walsh, Chief Renegade Officer at Renegade. “We’re going to come together with this diverse way of thinking and energy and we’re going to talk about our business goals in our professional goals.” 

It is a simple yet groundbreaking concept that Regan calls the greatest honor of her life to be a part of. 

“It’s just that collective energy to witness that in real-time and watch these women support each other and give access to their knowledge it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,” said Regan.  

Women like Hicks, owner of Pivot Boutique, said joining the group was instrumental in building her business. 

“It was everything. There were times when I had a lot of self-doubts and a lot of reflecting on what I should be doing or the perception of what I should be doing. Connecting with my Renegade cohort was just instrumental to ‘shedding those shoulds’ as Regan would say,” said Hicks.  “Because I thought you know what, I’m doing this. Why not now? Go for it. So, they were instrumental to one, my confidence to help me work through a number of questions, issues, and brainstorming and just really thinking about my why and my passions in purpose and bringing them out.”

Nicci’s advice to anyone making that leap into a new venture is simple.

“If you’re thinking about something and considering it, ask yourself ‘Why not now?’ Focus on being brave, not being perfect, and just go for it. And when in doubt, be a ‘Renegade’.”  

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