COLUMBUS (WCMH) – State lawmakers’ first deadline to vote on new Ohio congressional maps is coming in less than 10 days and so far, lawmakers at the statehouse have yet to call a hearing or produce a map for redistricting.

More than 100 advocates and citizens rallied near the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday, calling on lawmakers to draw fair maps.

“We are incredibly disappointed by both the process and the outcome, which is a gerrymandered map,” said Jen Miller, executive director for the League of Women Voters of Ohio.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission finalized State Senate and House maps last week, but several people have called the maps gerrymandered and unfair to voters. A lawsuit is expected to be filed at any time.

Ohio has a long history of gerrymandering, with the last congressional map being declared unconstitutional. Fair map advocates said lawmakers are not listening to the people.

“I think there is a potential that Statehouse and Congressional maps are decided in court as well as the people going back to the ballot box, collecting signatures for a better process,” Miller said.

Both House and Senate leaders said on Tuesday there is no update on the maps or the process.

“We should have been having hearings,” Miller said. “There’s still time to get it done potentially, but we need to start now.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said the matter would likely be settled in the courts.