COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Franklin County judge says he will grant a motion to dismiss 11 of the 25 murder charges filed against former Mount Carmel Dr. William Husel.

During a hearing Thursday, prosecutors stated 11 of the 25 charges should be dropped against William Husel, and asked the remaining counts to be re-numbered 1-14.

In 2019, Husel was charged with 25 counts of murder accused of ordering potentially fatal doses of fentanyl for patients.

The state moved to dismiss the charges related to the following patients who are noted with their corresponding count numbers from the original indictment.

  • 1: Emma Bogan
  • 2: Jan Thomas
  • 3: Norma Welch
  • 6: Timothy Fitzpatrick
  • 8: Michael Walters
  • 9: Robert Lee
  • 10: Thomas Matthews
  • 12: Larry Brigner
  • 13: Janet Kavanaugh
  • 16: Charles Longstreth
  • 20: Corrinnia Blake

Judge Michael Holbrook listened to testimony from representatives of some of the victims’ families before stating that he would sign off on the state’s motion.

NBC4 asked the prosecution why the charges were dismissed.

“It’s not appropriate for the prosecution to comment on a pending case,” said David Zeyen, a Franklin County assistant prosecutor.

During a pre-trial hearing in December, Husel’s attorneys argued the grand jury was misled by not being presented evidence that showed some of the doses of painkillers and other drugs prescribed by Husel were not lethal.

Husel’s trial is scheduled to start on February 14.