COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– After one week back on campus and the guidelines for quarantining during the omicron surge is changing at the Ohio State University.

Students said this spring semester, like many others, is all about adaptability and flexibility.

“It’s kind of like playing it by ear, this virus is always changing,” said sophomore Ethan Smith.

New safety guidelines start immediately on Friday.

“Just kind of have to go with the flow, just kind of work with the punches as you go,” said senior Elise Fraze.

The Ohio State University announced new changes to quarantine rules following this week’s return to campus and the omicron variant.

Seniors and roommates, Isabella Victoria and Elise Fraze want to keep learning in person.

“Especially because we did have our sophomore year online and we had to go home and last year was mostly online so I’m really hoping the rest of this year ends up being as normal as possible,” said Victoria.

OSU said one residence hall and nearby hotels will be available for students to isolate if they test positive for COVID.

Students will be required to isolate for five days. If a rapid test is negative on the 5th day, a well-fitting mask will be required in all environments for five days even at home. If positive a positive test returns, isolation will go on for another five days.

“I think a lot of my professors are being very accommodating with everything that’s changing right now,” said Fraze.

Students NBC4 spoke with said their instructors have already implemented a Zoom option for classes.

“Typically, every class offers that from what I know, at least all my classes do and same thing with last semester,” said Smith.

There’s hope normalcy returns with the warmer weather.

“I think everything has to evolve over time so yeah we’ll see what happens,” Smith added.

OSU told NBC4 that the COVID-19 positivity rate on campus was not available at this time and that the COVID surveillance dashboard will be up and running again soon. No time frame on that could be provided.