COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A special moment happened at Lifeline Ohio’s Dash for Donation’s event in downtown Columbus, the first time the event was held since 2019.

As thousands laced their shoes to raise awareness for eye, organ, and tissue donations, one woman heard a heartbeat she hadn’t heard in three years.

“I hear it! That’s my baby!” screamed Keshaunta Scott, as she listened to the chest of Ryan Magill.

Magill received a heart transplant from Scott’s son, JaShawn, who was killed in a car crash in 2019. JaShawn’s heart is the only reason Magill is still alive.

“I’m glad that some good can come from a tragedy,” said Magill. “And that I can carry this heart and take care of it and he can live on through me.”

“When they’re gone you can’t do anything to be with them personally,” said Keshaunta. “The importance to me is your loved one is living on.”

Lifeline Ohio’s Dash for Donations is a 5K run and walk that families and supporters of donors and recipients gather, highlighting how life can come even after loss.

The event hadn’t been held since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the thousands who participated in the event at Genoa Park was Mike Kaster, a donor-recipient after a battle with COVID-19 last year.

“By the end of July, I was in the ICU and my lungs were just deteriorating to the point where they started talking to me about really needing a lung transplant,” said Kaster.

Kaster’s experience changed his life as his wife and 19 family members rallied around him and walked the course in downtown Columbus.