COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A new study shows that Ohioans pressed the laugh/cry emoji on their phones millions of times in the past year.

In Ohio, people also laughed so hard they cried.

That was the second most-used emoji for Ohio at 2,799,134 sends. Laugh/cry is the first.

A year’s data from May 2020 to May 2021 collected by shows that the laugh/cry emoji (officially known as the face with tears of joy) is the most popular emoji in the country. In each state, people send laugh/cry as their top-ranked emoji with 400 million uses so far.

In Oregon and several other states, they sent hearts as their second most-favorite.

The heart is the third most-used emoji overall, as people express their love (at 71,801,023 sends this year).

And when you’re surrounded by mountains, dramatic sunsets, and wildlife, you must be in Colorado — which sent 814,206 pairs of eyeballs.

The study, from Go Verizon scraped data from and Twitter to determine the top 10 emojis for the country. In each state, the Face with Tears of Joy was most popular.