COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Prospective voters have until Oct. 11 to register to vote in this year’s midterm elections.

Last week, Ohio crossed 8,000,000 registered voters. However, so far, this year’s numbers are not on par with previous years.

“These things ebb and flow. The fact is in Ohio, not only do we work hard to get people to register to vote, but we also work hard to maintain the accuracy of those rolls,” Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R) said. “It’s kind of a constant push and pull between trying to get more people registered but also make sure the rolls are accurate.”

LaRose said there are currently 8,012,578 voters in Ohio, but that number is just about 60,000 voters short of 2018.

“That’s a lot of people who are not registered to vote,” Petee Talley from the Ohio Unity Coalition said. “And for us in the black community, that number is alarming.”

For the 2018 midterm, voter registration numbers were on par with the 2020 presidential election, but voter turnout is where the numbers differed by about 20%.

“When we skip out and don’t participate in a state election, we’re really not getting the benefit of sending people to Columbus who are really laser focused on what happens in the state of Ohio,” Talley said.

Talley said most people tell them they are already registered, but she urges people to double check that all their information is accurate.

Talley said she thinks voters are fatigued.

“I think people are a little bit tired of so much that is going and the way that our elected officials are behaving or not behaving,” Talley said.

LaRose said if you want to request an absentee ballot, you technically can three days before Nov. 8, but it is best to do it at least one week in advance. And, you may get more than one absentee ballot request form from parties and candidates, but LaRose said you only need to fill it out once.

“They may get other absentee ballot request forms, of course you only need to send in one because you will only get one ballot, I promise you that,” LaRose said.

LaRose said his offices and the county board of elections will stay open until 9 p.m. on Oct. 11 so everyone has the chance to register.