COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Unemployment in Ohio during the first week of September fell Ohio, but the state is showing slightly higher joblessness rates than the national average.

This week, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services updated data on unemployment claims filed in Ohio the week of Sept. 4, according to a media release.

Of initial unemployment claims, Ohioans filed 5,954 which was 726 less than the previous week; 1,787 of those have been flagged for identity verification.

The eight-week average for initial claims was 6,994 claims, giving September’s figures an encouraging edge.

Of continued traditional unemployment claims, Ohioans filed 27,780, which was 277 fewer than the previous week. The total number of traditional claims the week of Sept. 4 was 33,734.

Ohio’s 3.9% unemployment rate in July — the lowest it has been since May 2019 — was slightly higher than the national 3.5% unemployment rate, according to the ODJFS. The state’s labor force participation rate in July was 61.9%, trailing just a fraction of a percentage point behind the nationwide 62.1% rate.

Ohio’s labor force participation rate in July was 61.9% while the national labor force participation
rate in July was 62.1%.

The ODJFS encouraged anyone looking for a job or in need of career assistance to visit OhioMeansJobs, where it lists 221,070 positions and 2,896 internships available as of Monday.

Graphic courtesy of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.