COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Some first responders from central Ohio are in Kentucky right now helping with tornado relief.

Ohio Task Force One has been in Kentucky since Monday morning. Seven of the team members are from the Columbus area.

The team is stationed in Dawson Springs, west of Bowling Green.

Columbus Division of Fire Lieutenant Jim O’Connor, the team’s leader, said his crew is searching through buildings and debris to make sure there are no victims trapped.

“I’ve responded to other tornados before and on a local scale, like on an individual house, the damage doesn’t look that much different,” O’Connor said. “What is different from this one is the scale. It’s not a small area and a couple houses; this is miles in multiple directions that are damaged significantly.”

O’Connor said a lot of help and donations are pouring into Kentucky right now, something he hopes will continue for weeks and months as this will be a long recovery.