COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Here in Columbus, all eyes are on the Ohio State Buckeyes in the first round of the NFL draft.

Historically, the Buckeyes are known to have multiple first round picks. The hope is tonight will be no different. Many fans said all the hype is about C.J. Stroud, and students said watching him play last season was amazing. Now, they are excited to see him representing Ohio State and carrying on the legacy.

“He proved everything in the Georgia game,” said fan Bill Schuler. “We live in the south now and a lot of people thought they would have a really hard time with Georgia, and I felt like Stroud carved them up.”

Most are predicting Stroud is a Top 5 pick, if not number one. Schuler said some people think Alabama’s quarterback Bryce Young could be the number one pick, but Young is smaller than Stroud so they are betting on the bucks.

Ohio State is one of the schools with the most first round draft picks in history. Fans are also looking forward to seeing where wide receiver Jaxon Smith Nijigba lands as well as offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr.

For the fans, it’s all about the legacy. They said it’s impressive to see how many buckeyes are drafted each year, and proves the class and overall success of Ohio State athletics.

“I think they have the most first round draft picks ever. I don’t know that for sure but I think they do. It just shows that they are probably the top program in the country,” said Schuler. “I think if you really look at the recruiting and the facilities, everything they have to offer there isn’t anybody else that can offer it plus the coaching.”

Students said it doesn’t matter to them where each player is picked. They are just happy to see the program’s legacy live on. Many people said they are planning to go out and watch the draft at local restaurants and bars to hopefully be surrounded by other Buckeyes.