COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Ohio Attorney General is suing two Columbus-area car dealerships accused of dialing back odometers to mislead customers.

On Friday, Attorney General Dave Yost’s office said it filed separate lawsuits against two dealerships — S Automotive, owned by Simon Nwaru Jr. in Whitehall, and Kalango Links, owned by Korite Michael Kalango in Columbus — after receiving nearly 60 complaints about the dealerships’ alleged odometer-tampering schemes and sale of rebuilt salvaged vehicles without buyers’ knowledge.

“These dealers went out of their way to make sure that customers had no idea what they were actually buying,” Yost said in a statement. “Consumers didn’t realize their car would come fully equipped with buyer’s remorse.”

Of the 57 total complaints received, 33 accused S Automotive of failing to deliver vehicle titles, three claimed misrepresentation and three dealt with odometer discrepancies, Yost’s office said. Twenty-six customers who complained about title issues at the dealership were not aware that the vehicle they purchased had odometer discrepancies.

Most of the 18 complaints against Kalango Links alleged odometer tampering, according to Yost’s office. In some cases, the two dealerships sold cars with rebuilt titles, which are issued to a vehicle that was repaired after an insurance company deemed it a “total loss,” Yost’s office said.

Yost demanded owners Nwaru and Kalango to reimburse customers and requested the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas to impose civil penalties and strip both defendants of their auto-dealer and salesperson licenses.