COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A company that manufactures lenses for vision improvement is laying off 38 people at its facility in the Lockbourne village.

VSP Optical Group informed the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services about this through a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act notice. The company, which works as VSPOne on Rohr Road, will shed the employees primarily in October this year. Breaking the layoffs down, 31 optical technicians will go on Oct. 21, and administrators and supervisors will leave on Jan. 23.

VSP said the layoffs are part of a plan for the company to consolidate its laboratory network. The company said in a statement that it’s helping them to relocate or transition careers, among other options.

“Effective July 29, our labs in Baltimore, Charlotte, Olympia, New York, and St. Cloud will close, followed by Ft. Lauderdale on September 30,” a spokesperson for VSP said in an email statement. “Our flagship labs in Dallas, Hawaii, Sacramento, and Tampa will remain open to optimize production processes and deliver consistent, seamless, and simplified service.”

The statement then went on to focus on the impact on the Columbus area branch.

“Beginning September 30, the Columbus lab will be dedicated for specific plan fulfillment. Because of the more specialized product and the expected decrease in general orders, we made the difficult decision to reduce the workforce at the lab.”

The lab will continue to operate but on a limited basis, the company wrote in its WARN notice.

“We are supporting impacted employees in multiple ways. In some cases, opportunities to relocate to other lab locations are being offered, and for those who do not wish to relocate or don’t have the option, we are providing severance pay, career transition and outplacement support and healthcare stipends,” the email statement said.