COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – An Ohio man whose work is dedicated to making the community safer is about to meet with President Joe Biden.

Dion Green has been invited to the White House for an event Monday celebrating the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, considered to be the most significant gun violence legislation passed in 30 years.

Green arrived in Washington D.C. Sunday. He said he’s honored to be invited but wishes legislation like this had passed a long time ago.

“This is just small, but we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Green said.

Green’s father Derrick Fudge was killed in the Dayton mass shooting in the city’s Oregon District in 2019. He later founded the Fudge Foundation to help those affected by mass shootings or gun violence. Green also works with groups in Columbus trying to make the city safer.

“These type of things can stop things from happening in the future because we’re seeing, with these mass shootings, they’re already having signs,” he said.

The legislation has been criticized by some on both sides of the aisle for either going too far or not far enough but passed with votes from both parties.

“We’re just going to enjoy tomorrow, enjoy each other, celebrate even though there’s still a lot of work ahead of us that needs to be done, as we see with what just happened July 4th, but right now, I just want to capture the moment with those that are around me,” Green said.

The law will send money to schools, is aimed at getting states to have red flag gun laws, and enhances background checks.

“There’s still some more that needs to be done, but right now, this is just a small step and also just showing us we’re able to work together, both sides,” Green said.

Green traveled to Uvalde and Buffalo earlier this year to help those communities deal with the heartbreak of the mass shootings there.

Others who have been affected by mass shootings will be at Monday’s White House event, and Green said he’s looking forward to spending time with all of them.

“A network we didn’t ask to be a part of, but we’re family now,” he said.

Green said he is considering a trip to Highland Park to aim the victims of the July 4 shooting.