See a previous press conference where the Ohio State Highway Patrol explained the standoff situation in the video player above.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A man named as the shooter that tried to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati office and later got in a standoff with authorities may have been from Columbus.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed Friday that the suspect’s name was Ricky Walter Shiffer, and that he was 42 years older. Troopers also identified Shiffer as a resident of Columbus. Shiffer died during the Thursday standoff with law enforcement when he raised a gun, leading to officers shooting him.

However, there is a different report on where Shiffer was living prior to the FBI attempted break-in. NBC4 checked Franklin County Court of Common Pleas records and found Shiffer had an open case filed in June 2022. In the defendant information for Shiffer, it lists a Saint Petersburg, Florida apartment building as his home address.

NBC4 also went to four other addresses in Columbus where Shiffer was listed as living at, but did not find anything that indicated Shiffer still called any of them home. Another record uncovered by NBC4 found a Nebraska address listed for Shiffer.

Traffic is routed off of Interstate 71 as law enforcement engages in a standoff with a suspect. (NBC4 Photo/Jon Edwards)

Shiffer was accused of firing a nail gun at staff and holding up an assault rifle at the FBI’s visitor screening center in Cincinnati before he got in a car and drove away. He fled along I-71 before getting off and turning onto an overpass, while firing shots at pursuing cars. The FBI said he got in two different shootouts with its agents and other law enforcement, and then used his car as cover in a standoff that lasted for nearly six hours.