COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — There are two proposed energy bills in the statehouse right now, one on each side of the aisle, each taking a different approach toward Ohio’s future.

The Energy Jobs and Justice Act, House Bill 429, was introduced by Representative Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) and the ENERGIZEOhio Bill, House Bill 685, by State Representatives Jon Cross (R-Kenton) and Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville).

“We need a true 21-century energy policy in Ohio, one that strengthens and restores our renewable energy standards,” Weinstein said.

“Coming from an area that used to be the coal mines, now to have this natural gas, is a blessing in the new energy revolution that we have here in Ohio,” Edwards said.

Edwards says House Bill 685 legislation focuses on maximizing natural gas usage.

“It’s affordable, cheap, it’s reliable, you don’t need the sun or the wind to determine when the lights are going to turn on,” Edwards said. “You can’t talk about carbon reduction without talking about the transfer from coal to natural gas.”

Edwards said tapping into this resource will help drive economic development and support Ohioans in all regions.

“It’s not just in rural southeast Ohio, this is happening in a lot of counties around the state where you have these energy deserts,” Edwards said.

Weinstein said his proposed bill will expand the ways Ohioans access energy.

“We need to have a modern, efficient and flexible energy portfolio that includes nuclear that includes solar, wind, hydro and a modern grid as well,” Weinstein said.

He said this bill would also cut off subsidies to legacy fuels like coal and would strengthen renewable energy in the state.

“You can store the excess power when it’s producing so much energy that can then be dispersed just right when it’s needed,” Weinstein said.

Both representatives said they’re hopeful their bills will pass; they said creating a comprehensive energy plan for Ohio is a top priority.