COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) —  Democratic state lawmakers are questioning Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s decision to move his state office to the same building that his U.S. Senate campaign is filed under.

Thirteen House and Senate Democrats have asked LaRose to disclose the timeline of deciding the move and the full details that led to the building being chosen.

NBC4 was first to report on the move earlier this month, which will cost more than half a million dollars, but ultimately save about $11,000 each year in rent.

LaRose previously said that the building is where his campaign lawyers are based and that it is purely “incidental” that his state office will be there now as well. LaRose said the new office provides safer parking options for his staff and will increase productivity.

Earlier this month, LaRose sent a letter to Senator Bill DeMora (D-Columbus), who appeared in the original NBC4 report.