COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus building officials have inspected the house where a roof collapsed near the Ohio State University Saturday evening, sending 14 students to the hospital.

“The concern was that when the roof pulled away from the building that it might have caused some more structural damage to the house. Turns out it didn’t,” said Tony Celebrezze, Deputy Director of the Department of Building and Zoning Services. “The kids that live there can continue to live there. They just cant use the front doors.”

Firefighters at the scene on East 13th Avenue Saturday told NBC4 that a party was going on just before 7:45 p.m. at the house and students had been standing on the roof covering the front porch, which collapsed under the weight. “This roof was not designed to be a porch. It was designed to cover a porch,” Celebrezze said. “The pillars that were there and the connection to the building – all it needed to do was keep that roof over the porch and handle maintenance and snow. And that’s really all it was rated to do.”

14 people were transported to OSU Wexner Medical Center, Grant Medical Center and OSU East Hospital in stable condition, with about 20 others injured and treated by medics on the scene.

(NBC4 Photo/Sen Li)

A search of previous code violation records at the address only revealed citations for trash and debris outside, which Celebrezze said is common near campus. There is no documented history of structural issues. Celebrezze said his department has been in touch with the landlord, listed as Alpha Chapter Controlling Corporation on property records, which is responsible for hiring contractors to remove the debris from the collapsed porch.

NBC4 left a voicemail for a phone number connected to the owner but has not heard back.