COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A chance for a little relief during a time when everything is more expensive.

The Libre Initiative joined with Toro Meat Market on East Dublin Granville Road to raise awareness of federal policies that are driving up the costs of groceries, gas, and other necessities as part of 20 events across the country.

To give back, the group gave gift cards in the amount of $52.93, which represents 3.5 days of inflation.

Lair Marin-Marcum with the initiative said it’s all to give families a chance at success.

“The Latino community is at the bottom of the food chain, so we are being affected the most,” Marin-Marcum said. “Our salaries are not being raised, but the inflation is affecting us, so families in the community, I’ve heard parents are having to decide between buying new school books, buying food, or getting gas and paying bills and rent.”

The owner of Toro Meat Market said the initiative was a chance for his store and his family to give back to a community that has supported him.