COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Move To PROSPER, a non-profit that helps improve outcomes for low-income families, released the findings of its pilot program Tuesday.

In total, 10 families were moved to neighborhoods with quality housing, better schools, and a safe environment. They were also given career and financial coaching and opportunities to provide an overall better life for their families.

The study concluded that all 10 families showed positive outcomes from the experience.

Families in the survey reported an average of a 58% increase in income since entering the program in 2018. They also reported increases in mental health, the success of their children in school, and overall security in their financial situation.

The study was done in conjunction with Ohio State’s City and Regional Planning Program.

Another major outcome of the student found that 100% of the families that participated in the three-year study said they are now ready to take on rent without subsidy.

Amy Klaben, president and CEO of Move To PROSPER, said the program is about helping families with their current situation, but more than that, they want to give them the life tools they need to be successful.

“As the participants in our program will say, they don’t want a handout, they want a hand up, and that’s what we’re providing,” she said. “The assistance for them to move forward in their lives and follow their dreams.”

Klaben said since the first group wrapped up in July of 2022, they’re already in the process of onboarding a second group of 17 families.

By 2025, Klaben said Move to PROSPER will have welcomed 100 new families to participate in the program. Her hope is that in years to come, there will be a steady stream of families coming through that the organization is able to help.