COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Wednesday was the first day of school for Columbus City Schools students. Clap-ins happened around the district as kids returned to the classroom.

“We join with educators across the country recognizing that the first day of school for us is like no other day. We are excited about the first day, we are excited to welcome back our students,” said CCS Superintendent Dr. Angela Chapman.

It’s an especially exciting start to the school year with Dr. Chapman’s first day and the unveiling of a newly renovated elementary school. Students got to see the new Hamilton STEM Academy in Linden for the first time.

“New floors, new ceilings, new paint, new furniture, brand new technology, everything 21st century ready to roll so we can get these guys lifted up and ready for their bright futures,” said Dr. Christopher Brady, the principal of Hamilton STEM.

Returning students looked around in wonder at their new school. Staff said it was a great start to the school year. “The school was built in the ‘60s and it really needed some updates. We had issues that we were repairing throughout the years, and it was time. It was time to get us this facility. This is the facility our students deserve, and we’re excited for that,” said Dr. Brady.

From kids starting kindergarten this year to the ones heading into their senior year, it’s time to pick up your pencils. “Get to school, have fun, listen to your teacher and work hard,” said Dr. Brady.