COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Dozens of immigrants officially became American citizens Wednesday during a naturalization ceremony at Columbus City Hall, the second naturalization ceremony ever held in city hall.

Officials said 50 people were granted U.S. citizenship after fulfilling the requirement established by Congress.

Federal Judge Edmund Sargus of the Southern District of Ohio welcomed the new American, noting that America is not so much a melting pot of different cultures, but rather a mosaic.

“Today, we see ourselves a bit differently, not where we all become the same as we arrive, but more like a fine mosaic or painting, where each group adds a different color, a different shade, a definition, all of which combines to make the mosaic that much better,” Sargus said.

During the ceremony, the new citizens recited an oath of allegiance to the United State and received their legal documentation with their new citizenship status.