COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus is trying to help residents and visitors find parking in the Short North section of the city by implementing some new parking changes.

Hours for paid parking in the neighborhood now run until midnight, two hours later than before.

The goal is to encourage turnover, improve safety, and increase access.

The changes are in effect right now on High Street, Goodale Street, and side streets immediately off of High Street.

The changes are something city officials said they’ve been thinking about for a while as they look at demand and get feedback from Short North stakeholders.

“There’s a lot of activity,” Columbus Mobility and Parking Services Division Administrator Justin Goodwin said. “The more that we can manage that demand and open up that curb space, that limited curb space, the more that we can ensure safe access for everybody who’s looking for space.”

The money charged for parking in the Short North goes toward staff, enforcement, and investments in parking and mobility programs. For example, there is a partnership with Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) to encourage people who work in the Short North to take the bus to free up those spaces for others.