COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– On Friday morning there will be new leadership at the Columbus Division of Police. The day will mark Chief Elaine Bryant’s first official day on the job.

The capital city has has an interim chief since January after Chief Quinlan agreed to stop down.

Community members are hoping to the new chief can bring the city together as the city is facing challenging times.

Reverend Dr. Jeffery P. Kee is a co-leader of the Area Religious Coalition is hopeful.

“A monumental apex job, an overwhelming, enormous task she has on her hands,” said Lee.

Chief Bryant comes into the job as the city is on pace to have the deadliest year on record. There have also been several shootings by police.

Dr. Kee explained there is a major divide between the Black community and the division of police.

“This city is on fire and we need some help,” said Kee.

He and other clergy met with Bryant last week. He wants to see her bridge the divide.

“She has an ultimate task on her hand, again, dealing with the rank and file, earning their trust and also at the same time earning the trust of citizens,” he said.

Ultimately, Kee and others want to see Bryant in the community.

“Right now we just need someone that can help build the morale of the community as well as the department itself,” said Ralph Carter who is the founder of We Are Linden.

Bryant comes to Columbus via Detroit, Mi., where she was the chief deputy of police.

“For her to succeed means our city succeeds,” said Kee.