COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A new men’s clothing store is supporting young, impoverished men looking to enter the workforce.

The shop is named in honor of Otto Beatty Jr., and is opening its doors at IMPACT Community Action.

“Otto always did the work, and he was always about giving back,” said Representative Joyce Beatty, of Ohio’s 3rd District.

A little over a year after his death, members of the Beatty family and IMPACT Community Action, joined together to open the Otto Beatty Jr. Men’s Shop.

The clothing store is filled with suits, ties, shirts, and shoes all donated from Otto Beatty Jr.’s wardrobe, to be sold to men in need of professional attire.

“And that’s what this is about, being ready to go out, and be a part of the workforce,” said Representative Beatty.

Beatty says her husband was a man who believed in dressing professionally and making a good first impression, wisdom he imparted onto his own children and grandchildren.

“We have so much pride in his legacy, and thankful to all the organizations,” said Otto Beatty III, an attorney and son of Otto Beatty Jr.

“I love my grandpa with all my heart, and he was a great grandpa to me,” said Spencer Beatty, Otto Beatty Jr’s grandson.

However, the shop is about more than just clothes, but also giving men an opportunity to refine their personal and professional skills.

“There is a workforce development program, helping people learn how to write a resume, or how to do a job interview,” said Representative Joyce Beatty.

They also provide a haircut, and professional headshot for men who apply.

Which IMPACT Community Action hopes will benefit the public.

“I have my own Otto Beatty Jr. exclusive tie, and like I said, it makes me feel powerful and ready to take on whatever comes my way,” said Bo Chilton, CEO of IMPACT Community Action.

The Otto Beatty Jr. Men’s Shop will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 9am until 3pm.

Clients who wish to shop there, must apply online first, at