COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Nationwide Children’s Hospital employee has accused the hospital of failing to pay overtime wages and violating other labor laws.

A class action lawsuit filed in federal court on Sept. 28 claims Nationwide Children’s regularly deducted mandatory meal breaks from employees’ pay despite those employees frequently being unable to take those breaks. The named plaintiff, an hourly phlebotomist who began working at the hospital in January, alleged she and other hourly employees had mandatory 30-minute lunch breaks that often went shortened, interrupted or skipped altogether due to work demands.

The phlebotomist claims Nationwide Children’s deducted employees’ pay for the breaks with no procedure for them to report a missed meal. The lawsuit accused the hospital of violating several labor laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and Ohio’s minimum wage standards laws, by failing to properly compensate employees for more than three years.

Nationwide Children’s declined to comment.

The lawsuit also claims hourly employees regularly worked more than 40 hours each week but were not properly compensated. Ohio law requires employers to pay at least 1.5 times pay for all hours over 40 an employee works in a week. Because Nationwide Children’s did not accurately record missed meal breaks, the employee claims, employees are unable to determine how much money the hospital owes in overtime pay.

The employees seek to recover unpaid compensation, including for overtime hours, to be determined at trial.

The full complaint can be read below: