COLUMBUS, Ohio (WMCH) – Dispatcher audio obtained Monday by NBC4 paints a picture of the scene as a father and a neighbor separately called for help when a shooting hit an 8-year-old girl.

The Friday night shooting in the 900 block of Campbell Avenue sent the young victim to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, according to the Columbus Division of Police. At the last update, the agency said the girl was in stable condition.

Dispatcher audio showed that the girl’s father called for help after the shooting took place. He told the dispatcher on the phone that the boyfriend of his daughter’s mother was the one who shot her. When the dispatcher asks for a name, the father begins arguing with someone. That unknown, other voice apologizes twice before the call disconnects. Listen to the full call below:

Audio from a second call obtained by NBC4 also showed that a neighbor called police, saying that he heard four shots fired, then screaming and a fifth shot. Listen to the audio from that call below:

The neighbor also lets the dispatcher know that he is armed, but that police are safe to come see him. At last update from police, officers took 11 people into custody at the scene of the shooting. No names of anyone detained have been released as of Monday afternoon.

The girl shot in the area of Campbell Avenue was one of three children hurt by shootings over the weekend in Columbus. When a man fired a warning shot to break up a fight Saturday at Weinland Park, that bullet hit another 8-year-old girl, according to CPD. A 13-year-old was shot in the chest early Sunday morning in Franklinton as well.