COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Nearly three dozen have been injured after the roof of a home near the Ohio State University collapsed.

Officers responded to East 13th Avenue at around 7:40 p.m. on Saturday after report of a roof collapsing, according to the Columbus Division of Police. Authorities said 14 people were transported to OSU Wexner Medical Center, Grant Medical Center and OSU East Hospital in stable condition, with about 20 others injured and treated by medics on the scene.

(NBC4 Photo/Sen Li)

The collapse came as a large number of students were standing on the roof during a party, according to Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Chief Rick Artrip. He reaffirmed those injured are not facing life-threatening injuries.

“We got here quick, did a quick assessment, we took the walking wounded and got them away, we took the ones who are kind of injured and took them and triaged them and tested them by the medics we quickly got them to OSU, Grant and OSU East Hospital,” said Atrip.

Ohio State student Mike Scott is also a resident on East 13th Avenue and told NBC4 he was laying in his hammock when he heard a loud noise.

“I was facing that direction and then all of a sudden I just heard this massive crash, the music cut with it, and then I look over and the roof has collapsed and this big column of bricks that were holding it up fell into the yard,” said Scott. “I was kind of afraid to go over there I wasn’t sure what else could fall, how much was sturdy over there and what wasn’t. So, I just observed from afar.”

Scott said it’s not uncommon for students to stand on roofs during parties, but yesterday appeared to have a larger crowd than normal.