COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Columbus Film Festival that will span 10 different locations over the next five days is kicking off Thursday.

The festival will take place from Apr. 26-30 and will include screenings of more than a dozen films as the festival reverts back to a traditional, submission-based event. “I couldn’t be prouder of the films and filmmakers who will be part of this year’s Cinema Columbus Film Festival,” shared festival coordinator Molly Kreuzman. “And I know our city will welcome them with open arms!” 

The festival will begin Wednesday night at the Lincoln Theatre with a screening of Hargrove, a 2022 documentary about jazz trumpet legend Roy Hargrove and his final tour in Europe. Short films, world premieres, special events, and filmmaker appearances will also be apart of the festival.

To purchase tickets and see the latest information on the film festival, click here.

2023 Columbus Film Festival Schedule

April 26

6 p.m. – Hargrove: An Evening of Music, Film & Community (Lincoln Theatre)

April 27

4 p.m. – Duranguito (Drexel Theatre)

5 p.m. – The Power & Purpose of Our Veterans’ Stories (Gateway Film Center)

7 p.m. – Local Short Films (Drexel Theatre)

7 p.m. – Elisabeth Subrin: Three Films (Wexner Center for the Arts)

8 p.m. – Quicksand (Gateway Film Center)

April 28

1 p.m. – Perhaps What I Fear Does Not Exist (Drexel Theatre)

1 p.m. – MID WEST (Gateway Film Center)

1 p.m. – Fashion Reimagined (Columbus Museum of Art)

4 p.m. – Stay Awake (Drexel Theatre)

4 p.m. – Local Short Films (Gateway Film Center)

7 p.m. – We Are The Troopers (McConnell Arts Center)

7 p.m. – Anchorage (Gateway Film Center)

7 p.m. – B Side: For Taylor (Drexel Theatre)

7:30 p.m. – Call Me Dancer (Wexner Center for the Arts)

9 p.m. – Obstacle Corpse (Studio 35 Cinema)

April 29

10 a.m. and 1 p.m. – New York International Children’s Film Festival: Kid Flicks (McConnell Arts Center and Drexel Theatre)

10 a.m., 12 p.m., and 4 p.m. – New York International Children’s Film Festival: Celebrating Black Stories (Columbus College of Art & Design, Lincoln Theatre, and Drexel Theatre)

12 p.m. – New York International Children’s Film Festival: ¡Hola Cine! (Columbus College of Art & Design)

2 p.m. – ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak) (Columbus College of Art & Design)

7 p.m. – Waiting for the Light to Change (Gateway Film Center)

7 p.m. – Documentary Shorts (Drexel Theatre)

8 p.m. – The Princess Bride: An Inconceivable Evening with Cary Elwes (Palace Theatre)

9 p.m. – Only the Good Survive (Studio 35 Cinema)

April 30

10 a.m. – New York International Children’s Film Festival: ¡Hola Cine! (Drexel Theatre)

12 p.m. – Stargazer (Drexel Theatre)

1 p.m. – CineSpace: 2022 Short Film Finalists (COSI)

1 p.m. – Narrative Shorts (Gateway Film Center)