COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Tuesday marks one month and one day since Marcus Payne died weeks after being shot.

There are still no arrests in the case.

Payne’s mother, Victoria Landrum, said the shooter took a special gift – her son.

The shooing happened Aug. 30 at approximately 1 a.m., just hours after Landrum returned from a family member’s funeral in Alabama.

“The car was broken into, but there were some guys in a car behind them and they asked, ‘Did y’all break into my car? ‘ or whatever,” Landrum said.

The shooting happened near Neil and Buttles avenues in Victorian Village. As Marcus Payne and his brother drove away, someone fired into the car, hitting Payne in the head.

On Sept. 11, the 27-year-old, one of nine siblings, died.

“I just want people to understand that my son was a good kid,” Landrum said. “He was well-mannered, he’s a child that any mother would want. You didn’t have to worry about problems or anything like that. He was always encouraging.”

On Monday night, family and friends went to the neighborhood, passing out and posting fliers requesting any information about the crime.

“Somebody knows something or heard something,” said Landrum. “I just hope they get the courage to tell somebody.”

It’s a plea for information – who is responsible for the death of the young man who started college but later got into a sales job.

“It just hurts that he’s not here,” she said. “It really hurts and it’s not just hurting me, it’s hurting his siblings, his dad, his grandparents, all the family is hurting because we don’t understand because Marcus was a good kid.”

Landrum said her son planned to join his uncles and brothers in starting their own business, and he wanted to find a way to give back to people on the Hilltop in west Columbus, where he called home.

“Just getting started,” she said. “He had so many dreams that he could’ve– you know, stopped short because a senseless act of somebody shooting into my son’s car. So that’s what hurts. You put so much into your sons to do the right thing and then you have somebody else’s son take that away for nothing.

Landrum said she even made Payne go to summer school to help him sharpen his skills and get ahead, which she said paid off for Payne.

She hopes surveillance video of the area reveals clues about those involved in her son’s death.

Investigators have little information on the case and are asking any leads be called in to Columbus Police at 614-645-4730.